Mission and Vision


The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office promotes environmental, health, and safety compliance within the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus community. The University is committed to the protection of the environment and safety on the job is everyone’s responsibility. The EHS office provides guidance at all levels of the University to ensure compliance, maintain a safe workplace and to protect the environment.


To ensure compliance with occupational regulations and manage hazards that pose a risk to people, property and the environment.


To support and empower the campus community to proactively integrate environmental, health and safety programs into teaching, research, and service activities.

Core Values

  • Communication – Actively informing customers about EHS services and regulatory compliance.
  • Collaboration – Working as a team to provide the most practical comprehensive environmental, health and safety solution.
  • Commitment –Dedicated to reflecting the positive actions, attitudes and behaviors of a proactive safety culture.

Because we care about people, property, and the environment.