Campus Fire Safety

Friday, September 2, 2022


September is Fire Safety Awareness month! The Environmental Health and Safety Office serves the campus community by ensuring that all fire alarms are working properly, building evacuation plans are accessible, and fire drills are routinely given to ensure the safety of all faculty, staff, students, and guests. If you have questions about maximum occupancy, would like to have fireworks at your campus event, fire door concerns, space heater inquiries, candle usage guidelines, or fire exit accessibility, please submit a Safety Service Request to our office. Our Fire and Life Safety Team is here to help!  

Some quick tips we suggest to prevent campus fires are as follows:

Review and know how to locate your building evacuation plan

  • Know your assembly point in the event of a fire. 
  • Always pay attention when cooking and never leave food unattended. 
  • Never burn open flame candles in your dorm room or campus office 
  • Ensure your outlets and surge protectors are in good condition with no splits or frays in the cords.  
  • Download the LifeSafe app


These tips can also be implemented if you are living in off-campus housing or working in a remote location. 


Building Evacuation Plans

Safety Service Request