Space Heater Use Registration Form

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The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office understands with the cooler months, some offices may become uncomfortable. In order to have a space heater in an area, you will need the following authorization:

  • Prior to bringing a space heater on campus, the EHS office must authorize the use of a space heater. Facilities Management must be contacted to evaluate the HVAC system and if necessary adjust the temperature in your work space.
  • If the temperature cannot be adjusted to adequate levels (68° F – 76° F) or you have a medical condition, please submit a Fire and Life Safety Space Heater Service request to the EHS office. To access the Safety Service requests form, please click here.
  • The EHS office will evaluate space heater requests to determine if the work environment temperature can be adjusted to adequate levels (68° F – 76° F). Or if a space heater can be authorized for supplemental heat.

For more information, contact EHS at or 704-687-1111. 

Resources:   Space Heater Fact Sheet