Kyle Thaman, MS

Environmental Health and Safety
Environmental Specialist
EHS FM-Annex 8

I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology (with a concentration in Bioinformatics) from Denison University in 2008, and my masters in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston in 2011. In college I was part of the National Sea Urchin Genome Project where I spent my summers mapping out skeletal matrix genes in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus urchins. My passion has always been rooted in the environment and natural world, which is what brought me to UNC Charlotte. I joined the EHS team in 2022 as the Environmental Specialist, a position that will allow me to put my scientific background and skills to use in a new and exciting way. As the EHS Environmental Specialist I get to work hand-in-hand with all divisions of the UNC Charlotte staff, ensuring that programs around campus are safe for not only our natural environment, but our community environment as well.