EHSA OnSite System

Welcome to the UNC Charlotte Environmental Health & Safety Assistant (EHSA) Onsite System! We have incorporated this new system to better serve the University community. The campus community will utilize this system for hazardous waste pick-ups, chemical inventory updates, inspection responds, and work-related injury incident investigations. To get started, you will first need EHSA Onsite login authorization to access the system . To obtain login authorization, please contact an EHS representative or email

Hazardous Waste Pick-up

The EHS office coordinates with a hazardous waste vendor to pick-up and dispose of waste every 90 days. To submit your hazardous waste pick-up for disposal, click the EHSA Onsite login icon. If you have any difficulities with the EHSA Onsite system, please contact an EHS representative or email


  • Hazardous Waste Pick-up EHSA Onsite Instructions
  • Review your entries for chemical and chemical container information. This information is used to ensure the appropriate chemicals are being disposed of.
  • Clearly mark the chemical bottles or waste containers for disposal. This can be accomplished by taping off an area in the fume hood marked as waste ready for pick-up / disposal, with signage, email communication or through verbal communications with an EHS representative.

Chemical Inventory

This function allows new and current PIs to maintain and update their chemical inventory in EHSA Onsite. New PI’s may review the Chemical Inventory Instructions for guidance on uploading their inventories. Current PIs may select one of the options below when updating their inventories.


  • Chemical Inventory EHSA Onsite Upload Instructions
  • You can take the template and fill it out with only your additional chemicals that were not uploaded last year and upload them; being sure not to click “Replace PI’S Existing Inventory for the Selected Permit”.
  • You may also put all of your chemicals in your inventory in the spreadsheet including ones that were already on your inventory. If you do this be sure to click override your previous inventory.
  • The third option will be to quick add a chemical on the onsite program instead of filling out the template spreadsheet. By clicking on the “Add Row” icon on the inventory upload page.


This function allows PIs and appropriate staff to review EHS inspection results and respond to any corresponding comments or potential safety concerns.

  • A Principal Investigator (PI) or safety representative will receive an email following an inspection by EHS. The email may mention terms such as “deficiency”, “violation”, or, “item of concern”.
  • The email will have a hyperlink that will take you to the appropriate inspection item in the onsite system for review, including dates and more pertinent information.
  • PI and staff can also log into the EHSA Onsite system and click the “Safety Inspections” icon.
    • Click “violation deficiency response”, ensuring the PI name is showing.
    • Choose the inspection; select the deficiency item in red by double-clicking.
  • Respond: scroll to the last box at the bottom reading “please enter response to violation deficiency below”. Ensure all appropriate fields are completed including correction notes, correction dates; click “Save”.
    • Once marked as corrected, it will no longer show up as a deficiency and will then be reviewed by EHS. If further follow-up is required, you will receive further notification.