Cranes & Hoists

Many types of cranes, hoists, and rigging devices are used at UNC Charlotte for lifting and moving materials, lab testing, and construction or maintenance activities. UNC Charlotte’s Cranes & Hoists Program is designed to maintain a safe workplace for faculty, staff and students; therefore, it cannot be overemphasized that only qualified and licensed individuals shall operate these devices. This program has been established to ensure the safe use of cranes, hoists and slings, and to ensure that departments understand and comply with all safety standards (OSHA 1910, OSHA 1926, ASME B30) related to cranes and hoists.

What you need to know

Operators must observe the fundamental aspects of crane and hoist safety.

  • Appropriate equipment selection and installation
  • Only a trained operator is allowed to maneuver the apparatus.
  • Adherence to safe operating procedures


The Environmental Health and Safety Office offers the following services:

  • On site evaluation to monitor the use of safe work practices and procedures
  • Assisting with crane and hoist equipment selection
  • Providing or identifying appropriate training for competent persons and staff
  • Providing safety technical assistance during crane operation