Safety Monitor

The UNC Charlotte Safety Monitor program was developed to empower employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to assist building occupants during a building evacuation. During the evacuation, these employees provide guidance to building occupants and first responders to ensure an efficient building evacuation.

If you would like to become a Safety Monitor, please submit a Fire and Life Safety – Safety Monitor service request.

Safety Monitor Duties:

  • Serving as the primary building contact during building evacuation situations
  • Assisting with the development and maintenance of building evacuation plans
  • Assisting building occupants during building evacuations
  • Attending safety monitor training
  • Assisting with training building occupants on safety protocols and recordkeeping
  • Disseminating information about building safety and evacuations to building occupants

What you need to know

  • Safety Monitors are appointed by the Divisional Vice Chancellors for each campus building.   
  • If a building is missing safety monitor assignments on a floor, please submit a Fire and Life Safety – Safety Monitor service request.  Please include the name of a person that you think would be great serving as a safety monitor.
  • Safety monitors are not required to put their own safety in jeopardy.  Safety monitors are not required to engage in confrontational behaviors with building occupants during an emergency evacuation. 
  • If a safety monitor is scheduled to work remotely or if you plan on being out of the office, it is best practice to communicate and inform the other safety monitors in your building.  Communicating this information to the other safety monitors will help to maintain building coverage.  Some methods used to share this information, could be in the form of a group text and/or group email.
  • Submit a Fire and Life Safety – Safety Service Request to become a safety monitor, request training, or equipment (vest, bullhorn, whistle, and/or flashlight).