Faculty, Staff, and Students

Get Started

  • Complete assigned safety training or submit a safety training request
  • Review the list of safety services and submit a safety service request form for EHS assistance
  • Complete a self-inspection of your work environment
  • Report any safety concerns to your supervisor and EHS
  • Adhere to safety requirements

Safety Services

  • Audits (compliance programs)
  • Consultative compliance review, authorization, or permit
  • Disposal (hazardous, universal, radiation, lead, mercury waste)
  • Emergency spill clean-up
  • Emergency preparedness, evacuation diagrams/maps, or drills
  • Ergonomic assessment
  • Exposure sampling (asbestos, noise, indoor air quality, chemicals, radiation, heat, dust, mold)
  • Inspection (building, laboratory, machine shop, AED, PPE, fume hoods, gas meters, fire protection systems, radiation)
  • Investigation (injury incidents, safety concerns, fire)
  • Occupational health clearance (bloodborne pathogens hep B vaccine, hearing, respiratory)
  • Safety equipment (delivery, installation, testing, calibration, removal)
  • Signs and labels
  • Training