Radiation Safety

Charlotte is licensed by the State of North Carolina to possess and use certain radioactive materials and ionizing radiation producing machines. The Radiation Protection Section of the NC Department of Health and Human Services governs the acquisition, use and disposal of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines on the Charlotte campus through periodic inspections to ensure compliance with the North Carolina Regulations for Protection Against Radiation.

The Radiation Safety Handbook has been prepared as a guide for persons using radioactive materials and/or ionizing radiation machines in an effort to meet the conditions of the Charlotte license. In no case should any statement in the Handbook be construed to be in variance with any federal or state regulation. It is the responsibility of every authorized user of radioactive materials and/or ionizing radiation producing machines to be familiar with and adhere to the requirements set forth in the Radiation Safety Handbook and NC Regulation 10A NCAC 11 .0101.


Radiation Safety Signage & Procedures